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  • To bridge the gap between learning & practical knowledge Fulehra Polytechnic has excellent library, workshops & labs which not only provides students an interactive, practice-based learning atmosphere but also helps educators to meet students’ educational needs.

  • Unrivalled Infrastrutcure & facilities to ensure the best academic atmosphere our students.

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    Experienced Faculty, state of art workstations, wide range of subject related materials in library to provide the best learning experience.

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    Excellent studying & learning environment with qualified & experienced faculty.

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Learning Environment

In order to develop all around personality of Students and avail them with the best learning atmosphere we at Fulehra Polytechnic are commited to house the best of art labs, workshops IT center & whatever be the need. Not to mention that we do understand that along with academia sports, extra curricular activites and proper presentation skills are a must to make the students reasy for the Industry and the Real-World and for the same pay extra heed to these areas of development.

A glimpse of college & life at it:


The institute has an advanced and spacious library housing all necessary tools of scholarship like-books, technology and academic resources, to support our academic mission. It features a comprehensive offering of books, journals, video learning resources, electronic database to support information needs of the students and staff. Addition of new books and other learning resources to the library, to keep pace with the ever changing technology, is a regular feature.

Classroom Facilities

The Institute has spacious architecturally designed lecture and tutorial rooms, electric gadgets facilitating proper ventillation and temperature control, glossy chalkboards and flannel boards all intact, furnished with adequate modern furniture.

Class room Ethics:-

  • Passion for teaching learning and Research
  • Respects for students
  • Deeper understanding
  • Clarity of expression /thought
  • Fluency of Language
  • Discipline
  • Self-esteem
  • Sound subject knowledge

Computer lab

The college has a state-of-art computer centre with a campus-wide network-LAN facility. Licensed multi-user versions of required software have been installed along with Internet and e-mail facilities.

The computer lab supports the educational goals of the Institute by providing students access to global resources and supplementary training materials.


To hit the mark of success in the field of engineering, it's necessary to know the application of theoretical knowledge on practical grounds. To ensure the same and even further the cause Fulehra Polytechnic Institute in-houses workshops with a very wide range of machineries and workstations.

Workshop praticals are active & effective part of technical education in Smt. Fulehra Smarak College Of Polytechnic.

Key instruments include:

Lathe Machine, Drilling Machine, Milling Machine, Shaper, Slotter, Planner, Grinders, Capstan Lathe, Computerized Numerical Control(CNC) etc.

Generally, the job includes raw material, cutting, drilling, turning & facing, milling & parting off, inspection and despatch. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME) persons can establish these kind of units for self-employment. The market for general engineering workshop has got wide scope due to fast growth of industrialisation, especially in the automobile/industry service sectors.

Labs & Drawing Hall

Smt. Fulehra Smarak College Of Polytechnic provides excellent Infrastructural facilities for strengthening its goal of implementing a lern-by-process & to make the students ready for industry & field specific needs.

To match the same commitment we have well equipped Labs designed with safety-first approach along with spacious Drawing hall with all tools-of-art.

All the Labs are taken care of by respective HOD's and are continuously maintained & updated with modern tools and technologies so as to provide an environment which automates the process of learning & implementation of theroteical knowledge of the students and transforms it in to practical knowledge.

Sports Facilities

College has sufficient area for the sports activities. The grounds for Cricket, Volleyball, and Football are properly maintained throughout the year.

Also, We host an Annual Sports event to further the sports expect and nurture a healthy competition feeling among the students.


The Institute is located in an easy to reach location and public transport is almost available round the clock to reach the college from Rasra.


  • Smt. Fulehra Smarak College Of Polytechnic
  • Kamtailla, Rasra, Ballia, U.P. - 221712

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